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    MAINT.. on dash???

    when i put my key in ,on the dash MAINT comes up ?? why?? what do i need to do??

    05 RXT 65HRS STOCK

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    Service due

    This means you are due a service. The feature has a bit of a reputation for coming on at odd times - I think this may have more to do with the way the dealer resets the system.

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    means they want you to take it to a dealer and let them service it. You can do it yourself... oil change, coolant change, plug change, visual inspect.etc. etc. etc. But you need that old computer thingy that'll take maintenance off. I just ignore mine.

    Theres nothing wrong with your ski, just that it's time to service it. Usually at the 100 hr marks.

    My dealership even told me that if I dont bring it in for servicing, then while I'm ridin the check engine will beep and throw the ski into limp mode. I dunno if thats true or not. If that happens, pull the lanyard and plug it back in.

    Maybe somebody can answer that question.... will the ski go into limp mode if you don't service it after a while?

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    10 hrs with maintenance flashing on an 05 RXP and I`m ok.

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