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    No coolant after being stored for winter!!!

    Hey guys,

    Lookin for some insight. 2006 RXT. I rode my ski last year right up till september. All was fine when i winterized it. Now today I put in Jerry's washers in and change the oil and low and behold the coolant tank was empty. After i did the oil change i did however forget to connect the little black hose from the thermostat back to the coolant tank. Might have run 5 min max to get the oil to temp to change it and couple min after being changed to check the oil level. Is it possible the coolant leaked out the hose into the hull? I could not see any coolant in the bottom of the ski. Then i put 2 cups of coolant in and still the tank is empty? Should i be worried? Any ideas?



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    A few of us on the board, that store our skis during the off-season in very cold temps (-30 in Minneapolis) have had the same symptoms. I noticed the coolant just below the rear of the engine, forward about 6". It was in the bottom of the hull.

    I tested the coolant for strength, and I found that it is good to go to -40, so there is no cracked block issue.

    In my case I noticed that the coolant was lower in the resovoir, but not completely gone, it was just a hair below the "min" line.

    I am still trying to diagnose the problem with a borescope I bought. Just have not had time to get down there and look around under the engine.

    If you find your problem, could you please share what you found with the rest of us?, and I will do the same.

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    slasher i had the same thing happened to me after winterization.
    i think it may be just evaporations and a bit of ait in our skis.
    i have filled the coolant to the middle line and since then it stayed there been out quit often since and no issues.
    keep an eye on it,and take with you an extra premix bottle just in case for the ride.

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