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    Thumbs up RE Blockoff Review

    I just wanted to post my results with the RE B/O's for those considering the purchase.

    My bone stock RXP running 68.5+ on a full tank on glass did the bouncy; probably would have been worse with less fuel.

    After endless reading on this forum I decided to spend the $ on the RE's & I'm so glad; it eliminated the dreaded bouncy. Not to sound ignorant but I doubt I would have even known what porpoising was w/o this forum . I can't say I noticed any difference in the rough but then again I didn't get a chance to ride in the rough w/o the RE's since I purchased my RXP at the end of last summer. I can say the ski seemed to handle well in medium to heavy chop last weekend.

    There has also been much discussion on fitment. IMO it boils down to installer knowledge & hull trueness. Again w/o this forum I would have been lost. The RE's fit to a "T" on the right side but were a tad off on the left; understand I am a perfectionist so we are talking a very minor difference here . The average person probably wouldn't even notice and upon close inspection it seems to be in the hull & not the B/O. I could have milled down the backing plate but I didn't want to change the integrity of the B/O & like I sd it was very minimal; sometimes I have to learn to leave well enough alone .

    Bottom line: I found the RE's worth every penny despite the long wait.

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    Installed mine last night, and had no alignment issues. Seemed to line up rather well and sit flush with the hull. The hull and block off lines seemed to line up perfectly too.
    Since they came with no instructions I just referenced the RIVA ones. I guess they come with rubber o-rings for both hull and pump side blocks offs. I just ran a bead of marine silicone around the opas openings and tightened the block offs down. Hopefully there will be no leaks I assume this is what everyone else has done?

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    I wish I could get mine....they are in the 'lost' shipment from 3/21/07.

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    Ordered mine around april 17th and they still have not shipped
    My ski does the bouncy really bad and I'm running 73 mph

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    I wish I could get mine too. I ordered them on 4/21. I don't have the bouncy problem but would like to install thru hull exh., ext. IC and 42# inj. I have in my shop waiting.

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    I installed mine last week and rode over the weekend. I installed the Riva Wedge a few months ago and have had problems with the bouncing. Actually the bouncing was real bad when lake riding.

    After installing the RE's there is no bouncing at all. Not even when trimmed all the way up. The ski rides right over bumps and wakes with no problems...Install was easy as well...

    They are worth the wait...

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    Is there a difference between the RE block offs and the Riva Pro block offs? They look the same.

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    They do look similar I to want to know about the differences once in the water???? has anybody had both as I am on the long waiting list for the RE's

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    I don't know about performance, but believe they favour the RE's. Not sure why. IMO...the only downfall or negative mark against them is no o-rings, but maybe thats why they are a little cheaper.

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    The RIVA Pro Blockoffs work well, but only cover half the OPAS opening. They did this so that they would be race legal. Lots of the racers use them and love them.
    The RE's cover the entire OPAS opening and are a bit more effective.

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