one of the FRS events is a ride in Bimini.....

We are glad everybody is so enticed by this adventure. The Bimini Road Rally is much different than any other public event WaterTop has produced. We have done many of these types of events with the media and celebrities, but for the first time we want to do a real adventure with some real owners.

The Bimini Road Rally will be an All-inclusive (except drinks) vacation/adventure. We will ride 50+ miles each way in the open ocean, then explore Bimini by water and land for 3 days and two nights (weather permitting) ( Promised to be a trip to be remembered for a lifetime.

The detials have not been finalized but the cost will be roughly $1600 per person and that includes the mnadatory $300 Bahamian Boating lisence. We will have large chase boats to offer support and safety.

We will look for seas of 3-5 feet and under and are asking for newer watercraft to help ensure the safety of the riders and to ensure a technically problem free crossing. We also ask that those planning on participating be in the best physical shape possible.
You will never feel more vulerable than when you are floating on a 10 foot peice of fiberglass with no land in sight. . . in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle! This is why we will take only 20 riders who will take this trip seriously and want to have the PWC adventure of their lives.

We will take the first 20 people who meet the criteria and provide a deposit when the final details are announced following the Miami Boat Show (late February).

Feel free to ask anyquestions you have and we will attempt to answer them.