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    how much is the tongue weight? you might be able to move the bow stop forward some and "balance" out this trailer if needed. the trailer should have a weight rating on it on one of those stickers. what does that say?

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    Old rule of thumb on bunk trailers...
    1. The bunk should extend at least to even, or couple of inches past, the transom of the craft, ski or boat.
    2. And you should have 7-10% of the total weight on the hitch. (the higher the %, the more stable the ride. Too little and trailer can go into a death sway at highway speeds).

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    Quote Originally Posted by kzzzski View Post
    I bought the trailer used when I bought the ski. There was a SeaDoo sitting on it before I bought and that ski looked pretty long. I never had any issues with it. HOwever 15 minutes Im hitching it up and Im on the water. I did take it to Florida a few time with no issues. However I did bust the axle, rotted out from inside out. Im looking at the Triton LT WCI-TX, would like the WC2-2 but not in the budget right now. (buying a 2nd hopefully within a year) I guess I have to make a few calls
    I just bought the LT WCI-TX. Don't forget to get a spare tire/mount.

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    We've just collected the specs of 50 different PWC trailers into one chart, you may be interested.
    You can also find the actual model's net and curb weight specs here.
    We hope it helps!
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