I replaced my whole electrical box today because I had some worn wires on the old one and decided to find a good used one to switch..By some miracle the boat started right up when I was finished..I did not pull the engine so it was kind of hard to make sure I plugged all the wires in the right place under the hull near the gas tank..My only problem is the VTS gauge needle is stuck at the top but the VTS works fine..The other problem is the TEMP light is always on..Is there any way I could have plugged in the wrong cannon plugs near the tank?? Also, there is a single cannon plug that comes out of the wire on the box that is a male end with a red wire striped with purple that I can not find a connector to..Also, how do you test the horn??? Last question, is there anyone who has a wiring diagram on line??? I used to have a disk with the manual on it but I misplaced it...Thanks in advance!!!