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    96 XP keeps cranking after release

    Iím at the end of my ropes with one of my 1996 XP 787ís. One day after pressing the start button the starter just kept rotating. Pulled the DESS key and it kept going until I pulled the ground cable thus starting what I thought would be an easy diagnosis and repair of either the start button or solenoid.
    After rigging a quick disconnect on the negative battery post, the last couple of nights I have donít the following:
    -Tested the start button at the Deutsch connector with continuity meter
    -Bypassed the start button with a Deutsch DT on one end and mechanical start button on the other in case there was chafing in the handle bar column.
    -Installed a new solenoid
    -Swapped the starter
    -Verified all fuses were correct and good in both MPEM and coil / solenoid box.
    -Cleaned all connections and ground points in the starting and charging system
    -Unplugged and re-plugged ALL connectors
    -Traced all wires to inspect for damage
    -Installed a new DESS post
    -Installed a second solenoid and verified that wiring is correct as per diagram, internet research and by referencing my other 96 XP
    -Lastly, swapped out the MPEM & DESS key from my other, working 96 XP with same result.

    A solenoid is simply a switch that sends power to the starter by signal. Iím missing something and stopped to regroup before I go at it again. Does anyone have any ideas?

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    My 97 did the same thing. Come to find out, I had a bad cell in my battery. It would check at 12 volts. When I put a load on it it dropped to 7. I swapped battery's and then wouldn't crank. Just a humming noise coming from the relay. I jumped the wires from the starter button and it fired up. When mine continued to run, It blew the 5 amp fuse.

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    Thanks Rhoup but tried working battery. Update......Replaced the CHEAP Amazon solenoid with Chinesium internals with a factory BPM SeaDoo 295500900
    that came with a harness & DEUTSCH DT connector pins. It's once again working. Note to self...again...always use OEM if available!!

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