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    Exhaust leak issue

    Ok, I need a genius here. Help me to understand.

    I have a friend that has a kawasaki 1100 something or other. Anyways, we found a fairly good sized exhaust leak today, right after the exhaust mani but but before the stinger. He has been having problems with lack of torque at low throttle. Could this be a possible reason why.

    It was my understanding that a certain amount of backpressure was needed at low rpms to get your torque. If this is the case, an exhaust leak would cause horrible hole shots, but not that much of a difference at speed, which would be his symtoms.

    Am I just way off here?????????????????????

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    This is the Polaris section but ill give it a shot. When you have a exhaust leak you are pumping exhaust gasses into the hull and chocking the carbs with bad air. The back pressure could have some effect

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    I've had a blown couple on a triple and sure enough the sonic wave is disturbed. The engine has to respond to the new "wave" and it usually suffers on one end of the power curve or the other.
    I think if you repair the crack you'll be much happier.

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