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    Operating on the Flush System

    I have a pair of 1999 SLX (both stock with less than 60 hours) and I have flush kits that I plan to use to run them while out of the water. I've been reading all the past posts and I understand the sequence of starting the water flow after the ski is running, and shutting it off before turning the engine off, and I understand why.

    My question involves the location of the threaded flush port. Why is it located at the end of the normal water flow path? Does the flush water cool the engine by flowing in the opposite direction? It seems like it would make more sense to introduce the flush water near the normal lake pickup point, and I can see places where I could easily splice into that line.

    What actually pumps the water during the normal lake operation? Is there some sort of internal water pump, and if so, how am I not flowing against that when I'm flushing? There must be more about the cooling system internals that I'm not understanding...

    And one final question. Can I operate the engine indefinitely without any concerns? Are there any areas not being cooled or lubricated as well as they would be when sitting in the water (like maybe the impeller?)?

    Thanks for any advice, Mark.

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    mark Welcome to the Hulk.

    The flush port is just that it back flushes the system to remove salt water and junk. It is not designed to cool the engine for long running time out of the water. 1-2 Minutes max!! The normal cooling is forced Thur the system buy the impeller spinning. You can add a port to the incoming water line but make sure you add a valve to stop the water from flowing back out the pump.
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    Thanks for the explanation beerdart.

    My previous frame of reference comes from running my boats on the garden hose, where the water gets introduced through the normal intakes on the sterndrive. With that setup, I can safely run indefinitely.

    So back to the Polaris:
    - How does the flush water exit? Is it somehow able to flow out past the spinning impeller which is trying to push it back in?
    - If I only run for 1 or 2 minutes, does the thermostat ever have a chance to warm-up and open? (I would guess not).

    Thanks again, Mark.

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    Hello, and sorry for my ignorance, but I just puchased this 1996 sl780 polaris... Where is the flushing port located?

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    On the water manifold or water bar as some call's attached to the head covers on top of the cylinders.

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    Yep...I thought I was cooling the machine on the hose too...whilst flushing...I too am a dumb A$$. Another lesson learned !

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    ok, First post here and I am sure I will look as dumb as they come!!!!

    I just got a 2001 Virage tx. I cannot figure out for the life of me where to connect the hose for flushing it. I have looked at the service manual and read here but still a dumb a@s. I have had 3 skis before this one but they all had a hose outlet in the stern.. Help an idiot like me please. Pictures perhaps?

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by theblade_guy View Post
    ...I just got a 2001 Virage tx. I cannot figure out for the life of me where to connect the hose for flushing it...
    Welcome to the Hulk

    No such thing as a dumb question! As long as you have made a solid attempt to find it here, questions are always good.

    The stock engine does not come with a flush fitting. Polaris sold them as an accessory (first photo), and there are several aftermarket brands (third photo).

    The second picture shows a Polaris flush connector installed on the red water cooling manifold (water bar) at the rear top of the motor.

    One part is mounted on the engine, the other half goes on the end of your garden hose. You connect the two together, start the motor, then turn the water on.

    Run the engine for less than two minutes max, then turn the water off, THEN burp the throttle, and shut off the engine.
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