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    2002 Yamaha XLT 1200 rebuild.

    I recently purchased a 2002 Yamaha XLT 1200, took it out several times over the course of two week and then the motor seized. I took it to a reputable PWC mechanic in my area, and he quoted around $1800 for the rebuild. I tore the engine apart myself a week before I took it to him, and cylinder #3 and the jug where destroyed due to detenation. What he plans to do is rebuild the crank (due to aluminum getting in the crankcase from blow-by, purchased a used cylinder/jug and bore all three for even bore on all three cylinders, regasket the whole motor, new pistons and new bearings for the whole motor. Now my question is, do you guys think its worth having this done? I planned to keep the ski for a couple of years until I save up for a new supercharged model. This is my first year with jet skis, as ive never owned or rode them before a month ago. I have two other skis (2003 Polaris MSX140, 2005 Yamaha VX110) so down time is not an issue.

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    If your plan is to keep the ski for awhile, you may be better off calling "PWCengine" and talk to them about a re-manufactured motor from them at least then you would have and 2 year no fault warranty. looking at there pricing the motor is $1349 but the total cost would depend on damages to your motor as to how much of the core they allow you. the way I understand it so long as nothing is physically broken like a hole in the base or broken cyl skirt you get full core. but you'd need to call and talk with them.

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    That price excludes shipping my core and for them to ship me the new engine. The mechanic I am having working on it will be pulling the motor out and rebuilding it properly, so given the amount of time I would lose and the cost for shipping and labor to do this, I think getting a remanufactured motor would be a lot more expensive and time consuming. Yes I know I said that down time isn't an issue but I don't want to wait months to get this ski back on the water. If I have this mechanic rebuild it, it will be done within two weeks. I appreciate your input greatly but I don't think that is the route I am going to take.

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    Better find out why it blew before pissing away $$$$

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    Detonation due to crappy leftover gas was the cause.

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    Detonation is when the cylinder fires when its still on the up stroke. Old gas wouldnt be more flammable than new. Quite the opposite.

    Now it you were to say a gummed up carb i would believe that

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    Better rebuild the carbs and check that the oil line didn't pull off. Also, you can't bore these cylinders. Hone them, yes but not bore them.

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    Don't do what I did with my 99 1200 XL and rebuild it to have it blow the first day out. Then I rebuilt it again and it blew a cylinder on the 2nd tank of gas. LISTEN to experience on these threads and make damn sure you know the root cause or you will blow the engine in short order. That is very expensive. Don't guess, you need to do the research and analysis to know why it failed so you know WHAT to fix. I doubt your crank is damaged, make sure before you just throw money at it. I would say you had a lean condition that overheated your piston. Did you check your reeds? Did you make sure you have proper fuel flow? The carb can be needing rebuiling also. You may have had an oil injection failure. You may want to use an oil block off and go premix. Make sure when you rebuild to do a proper leak down test, if you have an air leak, your going to melt the piston again. Use OEM crank seals.

    I would do these mods also:

    The 1200 is a beast, there is not much that can touch it short of a supercharged 4 stroke. On the flip side, these engines are very unforgiving, look through the threads and see all the folks with blown 1200's. They are very expensive to work on as you are finding. That's my 2 cents. I wish you the best, I don't want you to repeat my experience.

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    most of them blow due to oil starvation. you NEED to find the cause, or 99% chance, your new motor is going to pop. listen to advise of the peeps on here. We are not just blowing smoke up your ass.

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