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    1995 Polaris SLX780. $1600 A good price?

    I am looking at buying a 1995 Polaris SLX780.

    It looks in great shape. The engine bay is super clean.

    The compression is 125 across all 3 cylinders.

    Is this what is should be??

    Also they want $1600 w/ trailer.

    Sound like a fair deal??

    Thanks alot for all the help guys. I got lotsa good info when I rebuild my tigershark. Will this ski be on par with the tigershark? (Daytona 770)
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    Correction: It's a 95. Just saw it last night so I will get more info...

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    Check the last two digits of the HIN and you'll know the year. If it's an SLX it would be a 780 and not a 750.
    In 95 they have an SL750 and an SLX780
    They are both good machines but the SLX780 has a bunch of go fast goodies right from the factory, let us know what it is and don't be shy with the pictures.

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