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    My buddy has the IBR Code Ghost!!! Please help

    ok to start... i have read just about every forum thread related to the IBR problems on the 2010 rxtx 260

    here are the codes we have. p1661, u0129, u16a5, u16a4

    what its doing.
    throws the IBR code, sends ski to limp mode. and it chirps with out the key in it. as if it wants to beep then cuts out.

    -first off we went threw the full engine harness and cleaned every connection we can find. on the whole ski.
    -Replaced the full front Harness (latest superseded for that year ski) Brand new including the Factory DESS POST
    so i know its not the dess post!
    -we dropped in a brand new battery
    -tested Volts on all ends. 12.9 on IBR side and on battery side
    -new IBR fuse
    -Fed direct power to IBR to see if stuck. turns fine. not the motor.
    when you go to fire it up. no problem. fires up but stays in limb mode.

    im really out of options. can anyone tell me what to look for next?
    how can i test that the IBR Actuator is good with out having to try and buy a new one for over $1200 then potentially find out it was not it... its a little expensive trial i would say.

    anyone got any advice or input on this? what to do next? or how to inspect it. anything will be helpful. i know this issue has been out there for a while. ski has bout 60 hours on it. fresh water only. maybe at early on in its life it touched salt water but not for much if at all. its pretty good shape over all. little to no salt water.

    all the bushings on IBR have been inspected. no corrosion or anything getting in the way for sure

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    I’m having close to the same issue with my ski I was wondering if you ever figured out what’s up with your buddy’s. Thanks in advance.

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    See if it has the latest cluster/ibr firmware.

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    Motor might Work with direct power but maybe it has water in it and it throwing different codes.

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    yes we figured it out. he needed a new actuator. the electronics or module inside took a S*!t

    we put in a new one. and got it programmed, by dealer. worked great again. but these early IBR systems are so delicate. that it really could be anything.

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