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Thread: towing an Ultra

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    towing an Ultra

    I've heard that it is recommended that you clamp off the water
    intake line when you tow the Ultra (as well as other JetSkis).

    If this is true could someone post a pix of this line and the best
    place to clamp it?

    What kind of clamp would be good to get and keep in engine bay
    or in storage in case you need to do this?


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    Good question Tom........ttt

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    I know where the line is on my Doo, but not sure about the Kawi. Should be the line off of the pump that supplies cooling water to the engine/intercooler. There are "hose pinch" tools avasilable for sale, but a smaller sizes C-clamp or small set of needle nose vise-grips would work. All you need is enough pressure to squeeze the hose flat.

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    Isn't the clamp off only necessary if you are towing your ski over about 10mph?

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    You would need enough water pressure to force the water up through the pump and into the block and/or exhaust. Slow idle speed shouldn't need hose clamping. I'd clamp the hose at anything above idle (4-5 mph) It is simple enough to do so why risk the possible consequences by not doing it? I carry a cheap pair of vice grips for this purpose on all my skis.


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