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    Gasket ingestion

    While riding w/ my buddy this w/e his ski started running badly( 99 SLH 700 domestic). Any way, after convincing him he needed to replace a known bad reed we pulled the carbs and found half of one of the carb base gaskets stuck in the reed cage . the other half presumably either still in the motor or passed thru. He looked in the case as best he could w/ miirror but no evidence its still there. Anbody have an experience like this? Is it something to be concerned about?

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    I can't say I've personally seen that.
    I've heard some of the base nuts come loose, I've always given them a little snuggin' up during maintenance intervals so no issue.
    Hmnn I'm curious to what others have to say......

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    I believe those are the K's on there, not the Mikunis.

    Sounds like at some point, someone had a carb off and when they reassembled, the two long bolts that sandwich everything together missed their targets. (in this case, targets being the bolt holes in the carb base gaskets)


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