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Thread: FX h.o

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    FX h.o

    I have yamaha fx h.o 160 h.p.

    How to make it go faster than rxp at top end?

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    You need to type in the search bar on the blue line "Jim's FF plates." This would be a good start. That should cost around $400 tops, tops. Next, something that doesn't take any money. I would (for now) fill up all of the rideplate holes. Also, take off the trim tabs and step the sponsons. Again refer to the search bar on stepping the OEM sponsons. This should give you a small edge over the RXP. Once you get the plate back from Jim's shop you'll be pulling about 1 - 2mph over the RXP. Lastly, make sure all of the points on the under hull are flat and the everything on the under hull does drag in the water. Any resistance will slow you down.

    Hope this begins to at least help you out!!!

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    Oh, really quick. It will be hard to get to that 67 - 68ish MPH that the stock RXP has though. Your going to have to spend some good money to do so. Remember, your pushing a 3 seater and he has a 2 seater with 215hp. I don't mean to dampen your racing enthusiasum but it will be hard without spending a good chunk of money to achieve those speeds on that machine -vs- what your trying to do.

    Best of luck, and lets beat those RXP's to the finish line!!!

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    The FX isn't gonna beat the RXP on the top end. About the only thing you could try would be to drop a RXP motor in it.

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