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    97 Seadoo speedster

    first jet boat i have ever bought,,,got it home,,it has the twin 720cc motors.....they both run great,,,but i notices the one motor is has excessive oil coming out the exhaust,,,Why is this doing this????Motor runs perfect no bogs...could it be something in the oil lines or something...Any pointers i would really appreciate it....

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    Where on the exhaust? Can you post us up a pic?

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    The oil comes right out of the tail pipe out of back of boat,,I read up on there being bad news about these being stored for long periods of time and the crank case fills with oil do to the inner crank seals loosing seal..But i figure if they did lose seal that it would have some type of starting or running issue and it doesnt,,I heard something about check valves to also messing hopeing its something like this,,so i dont have to pull the motor...It was winterized still when i got it,but i dont think that is the problem...

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