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    Another Ultra 150 question.. Can you test a Igniter/CDI?

    2004 ultra 150 (143 hours). Running great 2 days ago. Only issue, stator failed.

    New stator arrived and I pulled the motor to install the stator.

    Reinstalled the motor with new stator (btw this thing was SPOTLESS) and now I have no spark.

    CDI box is SPOTLESS, box in the back with the red wire going in, also SPOTLESS. So no water intrusion..

    Am I missing something as simple as a wire? All connections are connected that I can see.

    All my research points to the Igniter/CDI having failed. Seems very strange to just fail all of a sudden after running perfectly fine.

    If it is the Igniter, what years/models are compatible? This ski is pending sale so I need her back up and running.

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    I pulled open the igniter box and checked the 4 pin connection that goes to the coils. the 4th pin (bottom right if looking at the igniter) is ground and has good ground. The other 3 pins which are the + for the coils have 0 voltage when sitting or when starting. I guess I have my answer.. the Igniter has some how failed..

    Can anyone confirm this has been tested correctly?

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    Also the Igniter is buzzing when power is turn on. Probably not normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magoogle View Post
    Also the Igniter is buzzing when power is turn on. Probably not normal.
    I'm also thinking not normal.

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    New CDI arrived today. I will try it tonight

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    No change in spark condition.

    I keep reading that people replaced the starter relay to fix this issue. Is the starter relay testable? I found today when removing the positive cable and re-attaching to the battery that it sounded as if the start tried to turn for a split second. I do not believe that should happen..

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    Starter relay has nothing to do with spark. You have a rectifier in the box also. I would have to look at a diagram

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    I would agree.. But I was going off all of the other posts where people had "no spark" then "starter relay fixed it".. I was like wtf does that have to do with it..

    Rectifier checks out. However it should have no bearing on spark or no spark. That would be the charging system not the ignition system.

    I am thinking the new stator/sensor I got in the mail is faulty.
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    to much oil in the front cover wouldnt cause no spark would it?

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    No it would not, stator would

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