Lets talk video & telemetry recording!

I'm starting to work with (android) apps to record/playback speed, accel, distance, g's, etc So far I've tried TrackAddict and RaceChrono as they seem to be the two most popular. From there I'm importing it into Dashware on the computer and syncing with my GoPro footage. It hasn't been very user-friendly though, especially since they seem geared towards use in cars on actual racetracks. I have the Hero6 Black and it does record basic telemetry, but its not great. I seem to get far better results from the sensors on my phone.

What do you use?

Do you have a better process, or better apps/software?

Is there anyway to record data from the ski like rpm, temps, etc, without buying an expensive data logger? I'm thinking along the lines of an automobile where you just need a cheap OBDII adapter and then you have all the data you could possibly want.