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    Just wanted to pop in say whats up just bought a 97 polaris slt 780. Just wanted to know what are some upgrades I can do also how good of a ski do I got. I got it on a deal I couldnt pass up. Any info is apprecciated.

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    Welcome. The best bang for the buck is the extended pump. I am not sure if your 97 came with it or not. Also a 6* pump wedge with an extended rideplate like an Ocean Pro works well. A little more compression from a head mod is good too but will definitely need premium pump gas. If you want to go all out, there is alot to do but it costs $$$.

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    How good of a jet ski did I purchase?

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    I'd also like to say WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    As far as how good a ski you're riding, it's one of my favorite in terms of reliability and ease of maintenance.
    Grab an owners manual (if you didn't get one) and it will give you the servicing required for proper and long term operation of your ride.

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