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    Wrong Battery??? Engine Siezed??

    Just got done doing a lot of work on my 07 RXP 215. Installed a stage 1 kit with a kanaflex intake, et127 wheel, 42# injectors, rebuilt supercharger via Jerry, Catch can, and a candoo gps speed sensor.

    I also went ahead and swapped out the battery for a new one. I suspect the battery being the problem. Got it at Napa auto and their computer called for a 20 amp battery in which did not have any CCA rating on it. Battery that was in the ski, i found to be the stock one that is a 30amp.
    When I tried to start, it made a click sound but sounded to me like the engine was stuck or "Seized". Or, perhaps the battery was just not powerful enough to crank it.
    I guess what my question is, Should a 20 amp battery be sufficient enough to at least crank the engine? Or does this sound like i may have not put something together properly? Which I cannot think of any issues or any grey area installing anything, seemed pretty straight forward.. TIA

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    Grab a 17mm deep socket and try to turn the motor using the SC nut counterclock wise. It doesn't take much force, if it's resisting something is wrong.

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    This is the most popular battery used by forum members:

    Sounds to me like your starter relay is sticking.

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    If you have access to a voltmeter measure the battery voltage while attempting to start. A seized engine or inadequate battery will result in a large voltage drop (below 9 Volts) at this point. No voltage change is probably a bad starter relay.

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    I tracked it down to the pump and impeller. I installed a 15/20 impeller and when im tightening the impeller down, if i get the 12mm allen any where near tight, it locks the impeller "in place" and will not spin. Is there a spacer or something that i missed on the installation of the impeller?

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    Is the impeller srz or srx?

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    Not sure all I know I ordered was a solas 15/20r.. what was happening was the hub of the propeller was a little too deep and i was tightening it the the housing rather than the bearing (if that makes sense). What i did was i found a SS washer and sliped it on before i spun the impeller on, and that did the trick...

    AND HOLY SHIT this rxp mod it redicules. I cannot imagine going any quicker on the water. Went out for a test run and i had a buddy on the back. We are both 200 lb guys and were hitting 70mph on the gps. Cant wait to take it ojt on my own on sunday

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