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    10ft Mini Jet 150hp Kawi 4stroke 9500


    Selling because I think I want to build a bigger boat with v8

    I do not want to deal with shipping on this at all. Local buyers please, or be ready to drive here and look at it.
    Thank you.

    videos of this boat running

    walk around video

    2018 Mini Jet Boat
    Hull ID:WSZMNJET2018 I will get motor serial number asap
    Boat built from CAD files by minijetboatbuilder out of canada
    All welded aluminum 1/4" bottom hull 1/8" everywhere else
    155hp Kawasaki 1500cc 4 stroke fuel injected engine and stock 148mm pump
    All out of 2013 Kawi Stx-15f
    700 hours on drivetrain now
    Direct drive. No Neutral or reverse
    2 aluminum fuel cellls for 27 gallon capacity
    Hydraulic trim for jet nozzle
    Full size battery
    Minijetboatbuilders jet suction housing with stomp grate for weeds
    Tilt steering helm with sparco wheel. Trim switche on wheel
    Hot foot throttle
    Bluetooth stereo
    Hawkeeye depth sounder

    Have parts for nav/anchor lights just not installed

    Boat will run 50mph with full fuel
    Built to run shallow water. Will run in 4 to 6" of water on plane
    Draft at dead stop is under 12"

    Brand new triton aluminum trailer

    Registered with DNR 100% legal.
    Tags good till 2020

    Tons of fun but not a beginner boat.
    Turn key ready to go.
    Could be a beautiful boat with some sanding of the welds and polishing the aluminum

    Boat is on its lift on the lake will demo for serious buyers with cash in hand

    Email me your phone number and I will call.
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    Not sure why I cant send pm messages but did you start a larger build? Super interested.

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    Oh that one worked! Hi JonCBrand,

    My name is Garrett Gablehouse and I am super interested in building one of these. I am a larger guy and would love the same look in a 16'er. Is there any advice on where to get stuff cut like this in the U.S. or some leads to something. I feel like I have watched hundreds of videos and some builds but no info on how to go about getting files or anything.....I am sure I can find a shop locally that could cut or bend what I need. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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