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    New project pair of Yamaha’s

    Hello everyone, just picked up two skis. A wave raider 1100 and a wave venture 700. They need a good amount of love. But I will start with going through the carbs. Then new batteries, good cleaning of the body also. Then hopefully they will be ready for the water.
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    Went and got a battery today to split between them while they are worked on. The 1100 started but clearly needs the carbs at least cleaned likely rebuilt. The 700 fires right up and purrs. It needs a shift cable so I will need to order one. I will likely take it to the lake and see how it does under a load. Put new plugs in it also. Cleaned them up a bit. They are making progress

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    Today’s progress consisted of removing the raiders carb and giving a good cleaning. Didn’t do a rebuild kit everything seems usable inside. Put it on after replacing some fuel line and she fired right up. Hope to lake test them ASAP

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    Post more pictures

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    Today I water tested the pair. The venture purrs like a kitten. But.... I ended up blowing apart the rubber exhaust tubing. It’s old and in poor shape and it split. I do wonder if it also got too hot. I need to research more on that. But regardless I found many soft thin spots all in the two pieces of tubing. So I am on the hunt for replacements ASAP. I’m likely to do a metal 90 degree bend and then run turbo hose.

    The raider man man that thing is quick for a older ski. It ran decent for a few minutes then was bogging down unless used choke. So I limped it back to shore as this tells me a lean condition which is a no no. So I took apart the carb again and am ordering a rebuild kit. For now they are tucked into my garage. I plan to do a tongue flip kit on the trailer for easier storage. More pictures to come. Oh also I build two new trailer bunks and installed them. I will be building two more but I ran out of staples for the carpet
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    Today not much work got done. I checked the water prop on the venture. It looked in good shape. Tomorrow I will be ordering a intake to water box tube. And carb kit for the raider. Also have a local place that parts jet skis. Getting a used good shape water box to outlet tube for $80.
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    Well got the parts ordered. Also went and picked up a used in great shape water box to outlet hose. Installed it and I heat wrapped the water box. Figured eh why not I had it laying around
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    Took the venture out yesterday the rubber exhaust tubes got very hot. Too hot to touch. Then it started to run rough and shut down. I put on trailer and took back to the house. I removed the exhaust piping and found only light sand. Blew out water lines with air compressor. No signs of a blockage. So I have no clue what’s going on. Plenty of water out the pisser

    The raider i rebuilt the carb it carb it seems to be running good now. Just need to water test it.

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    Put the venture back together after cleaning exhaust. Rode for 5 minutes or so and the exhaust rubber was hot but not to hot to touch. I figure this is likely a win. Hopefully going out tomorrow longer to test it as today a big storm hit. The raider still after rebuilding the carb I have issues. I raised the float needle tabs in carbs as I didn’t think was enough. Well it blew lots of smoke and raw oil out the back. So I pushed the tabs down. It will idle good but will bog down bad like not enough fuel. But now using the choke doesn’t help out. I removed the plugs and cleaned them with a wire brush. But possibly not enough. I will have to dig deeper into it. At least the 3 seater is running good as it was my priority

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    Took the venture out for about two hours today. It did great. Seems it may be good to go sadly the raider is still having issues bogging. I put in new plugs but it didn’t help perhaps I still have am having fuel issues.

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