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    95 XP charging problem

    Hi folks,
    I have a 95XP which is causing me a real headache right now.
    It bogs badly after riding it for 3mins or so. I did all the usual checks
    -- stripped carbs - no dirt in small filters - new carb gaskets, new spark plugs, trimmed wires back, bypassed fuel selector valve, and held fuel test at 5 psi for 10 mins . The fuel lines seem ok too - they are not rotting.

    So then i did the battery voltage test and OH YES - I thought I had found my problem! Reading is 12.5 on battery and is only 12.7 after starting (should be 13.5 to 15) - so I searched on the net for a solution and believed that I needed a new rectifier. When I got a new one and put it in it made no difference!
    So now I have been reading the subject again and it would seem the problem must be related to the stator. So my question is what should I look for when i remove it -- how will I know if it is faulty..
    Oh and I remember now that the last time i rode it and it bogged -- it did this just after I used the VTS -- so hopefully if I sort this charging problem then I will be back on the water!
    Many thanks for any help

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    Have you found an solution to the problem? mine acts jut like yours

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    Rectifier, Stator and a bad coil all cause the same symptoms in the ol' 96xp's..

    we just had one in here, same thing.. we were like, yup rectifier, changed it.. NOPE! Okay, stator, changed it... NOPE.. Finally talked to another doo head and said to try the coil... Yup!

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