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    Unhappy PROBLEMS! Planing out on SEADOO 96 SPI

    1. It idles and starts perfectly in or out of water.
    2. My jetski fully REVs (sustained) out of water when attached to flush kit.
    3. In the Water, It will rev up, plane out on first try, and then die back down.
    4. Shut engine off, wait a bit, and it will try to plane out again.
    5. Then it will only idle after that. If you add throttle the engine loses power and stalls out. Only in the water!
    6. First time this happened, I added way too much injection oil.
    It has since been removed to the proper fill line.
    7. I did not find any debri in the intake or exhaust of the jet pump.
    8. Don't think they are plugs because the engine starts and idles just fine.
    9. never had a carb cleaning
    10. never had fuel filter replaced.

    Please! I'm desperate, season will be over before you know it.
    I will paypal a reward to the first person that helps me resolve this.

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    first off I'm no expert and new to this myself but I would be looking into the carbs and fuel lines, it almost sounds like what my Xp did when I had the low speed set screws mis adjusted. it would get up on plane then almost immediatly fall on it's face and die.
    if you have the factory grey fuel lines it's time to get them changed.
    my GTX had them and after finding out how they degrade over time I changed them out. I was going to wait till the winter to do it but after looking at them I did it last week. they get all gummy inside and block up the filter screens in the carbs. so it's not letting enough fuel get thru the carbs.
    it could very well be something else going on in there but that's where I would start looking

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    It's a carb's simply running out of fuel. Disassemble the carbs and clean with carb cleaner. If you haven't already changed the fuel it immediately, when you clean the carbs.

    Carb manual case you need it.

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