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    Post Notify USCG of water intrusion issue - GP 1800 tunnel cracking issue


    I read on another forum that if "we" want Yamaha to really address the water intrusion issue, we should report the issue to the US Coast Guard. I used the address below to file a compliant and got a call from "Dan" with Yamaha corporation - (714.761.7300) within a week of the submission. He said he received a call from the USCG and they asked him to look into the complaint. My ski is in for warranty work (oil and water), so he was good with that step.

    So, take action and maybe we can get Yamaha to fix the issue on their own dime. Remember what Honda had to do with faulty fuel tanks... replace the tank at their cost.
    use the "other" box to describe your water leak/intrusion issue.

    I basically wrote that the ski had a water intrusion issue, and that the ski had no provision for removing the water, which could become a safety/environmental issue. All true.

    Good luck,
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