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    wave venture 1100 been sitting for several years

    new to pwcs i bought a 97 wave venture 1100 that has been sitting for several years, put gas and a battery in it and it will start and rev but only ran it for a few seconds. will it hurt them to run out of water?
    how do i tell if the oiling system is working? what other things need checked before and after putting it in the water?

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    welcome aboard.

    you'll find plenty of info here on getting your ski into safe shape.

    you don't want to run a ski out of water for more then 30 seconds without a really good reason

    get a flush hose.

    it works exactly OPPOSITE of an outbaord

    ski engine on-water on when finished water off THEN ski engine off.

    figure on replacing oil pump lines.

    since you are really new. take lots of pictures before you take the first bolt out.

    take notes too. mistakes are expensive.

    you'll find lots with search feature here

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    A good preventative thing to do would be to replace or atleast inspect the oil lines. You could also convert to premix and not have to worry about the lines falling off or a pump failing. If you want to test the pump I think you could either take it off and get a drill and spin it and see if its pumping or mix premix in your tank and pull the lines off and have them run into a container. I could be wrong but from my understanding the pumps are extremely reliable the problem is normally the lines falling off after they get old and shrink. Replace with newer lines and leave some slack and you should be fine.

    I love the 1100's they're alot of fun

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    thanks for the info there is not much of the oil lines that i can see how do i get to them

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    Ah the pain if Yammie-ha ha

    If I am not mistaken The exhaust has to come off. If it is that giant stinger

    Just a pain it is

    Sorry bout dat

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    Had a Raider1100 (really fast)had a GP1200 too but nothing can be more aggravating than the XLT 1200 to work on that I have now.Thanks EPA
    I think if I remember right the 1100 carbs are accessible if you remove the air box???

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