So I find myself going to some area's where I have to pull out my skis's daily. This can be a real PIA when I tow my skis to the camp ground with an RV. I don't want to unhook 2x a day and use a 33' Class A as a launch/recover vehicle. Looking for feed back or exps. with folks who might have this same problem. Below are some options:

I have a 2 place triton elite 2 axle that tows a 2013 and 2014 FX Cruiser.

I can go out - get rid of the triton and buy a longer trailer that can hold a UTV as a launch/recover and the 2 skis, but now I am looking at 20+ feet on the back of my RV.
I can go up - get a 2nd level added to my triton to hold the UTV and keep the length the same. I am not an engineer, so I would have to talk to a local trailer dealer about weights, upper rack placements, etc.

Going out seems the least expensive and least risky.
Going up seems risky, but I have seen some trailers from Bear and Shadow that might fit the bill.

The cost associated with a new bear/shadow trailer and the UTV will be over 20K. Looking for something a little cheaper than. The damm toys are taking over my life

Any thoughts or ideas?