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    Too Much Pump Oil?

    I just finished replacing my impeller and wear ring in my '97 GTI. I think I read to use about 2.4oz of pump oil and also rear to refill to the bottom of the threads in the filler hole. I purchased a small bottle of Sea-Doo oil and I couldn't read the lable but it looked like it was a 6oz bottle. I filled it up to the threads and used about 3/4 fo the bottle. Did I use too much? Should I have only used 2oz or fill to the bottom of the threads?

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    You should be fine. Every year when I do mine I fill it up to the bottom of the threads and don't pay any attention to how much I use out of a bigger bottle.

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    Just as Doug said, you'll be fine.

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    Thanks for the reply. This forum has been a big help. Since joining here I have replaced my impeller and wear ring. Working on replacing fuel lines and filters now. Have carb apart to clean. Had old gas in it that had clogged everything up. Thanks again for the help.

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