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    Quote Originally Posted by WakePirate View Post

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    He can make this rebuttal video and claim that he knew about the break in period, but clearly he either forgot or was intentionally misleading. There was no point what so ever to the video prior to the reset of the ECU on the Doo. It makes a good promo for Yamaha, but again WORTHLESS for the stated intention of comparing the acceleration of the two craft.

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    Oh.. he was doing the "out of the box" test! haha!
    what a tool!
    I guess after the 5hrs he found out which machine was actually faster.. otherwise he wouldn't be crying about how "reliable" yamaha was.. haha!

    Quote Originally Posted by WakePirate View Post

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    Exactly. My 2018 TX had one hour on it and I raced my two teenage cousins on my 2016 PX and they smoked me twice. They where about 230 pounds between both of them and I’m 200 pounds. So he’ll yes the New TX is Prab at 75/80 percent power until the 5 hour mark. The crazy thing is my TX hit 73 on the speedo before the limiter kicked in at the 2 hour mark! Lol. I do a hard break in and go full throttle every now and then for 5 seconds during the break in period. Anyways all that shit Rick would talk about the seadoo and now he’s selling his GP! Omg lmao.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moparguy View Post
    Funny thing when you watch the YouTube video the Hdav posted today, of the moron at the boat launch. The next couple suggested videos are by or have Rick Dyer in them. What's that old saying? Birds of a feather flock together...

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    This Rick Dyer guy on Youtube is a fucking Idiot. Do not take anything he says seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Par___ View Post
    Went on youtube to look and see if he has posted a new video after the break-in and the first thing that pops up under his name is some bigfoot scandal (cash grab) he was part of. Wtf is wrong with this guy?

    ....its official Bigfoot rides a Yaaamahaw

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