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    2011 kawasaki ultra 300x problems may be selling parts or whole thing

    Not sure if someone had this same problem but right behind the starter I have a hole in the case (#4 cyl) Oil is coming out and spraying everywhere. It still runs and does not sound too bad like a rod is blown. I think the internals are ok but it does not make sense because I am assuming the rod broke the case but I does not sound like it. It even idles...never seen anything like this. I am seeking advice or offers on all or parts. No title so you can use it for parts or racing or a private lake. Everything else is in great shape. It is the black and red model. P/M me a number or email I can send pics.

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    Removed engine today and decided to part out the entire jetski. If you need parts send me a P/M with an offer or leave a number I can text you. Ill send pics of what ever you are considering buying if you are concerned about condition. Jet pump is still in the ski along with all electrical.

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    I figured out the diagnosis. Rod broke right in the middle, half way between wrist pin and crank journal. the piston stayed up at the top but did not seem to hurt the head but this is just a preliminary look. The case has 2 small holes on both sides of where the cylinder mounts. My maintenance guy at work is a great welder, it would be an easy repair. The cylinder has 2 small notches at the bottom of the one bore where the broken rod hit. The crank is perfect. The supercharger seems good. The cams seem good. I'm not an expert but giving you all the best I can. I can send pics if an of you are interested. Pulling jet Pump next.

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    After I removed the oil pan I realized the case is more damaged than I originally thought. I am not an expert but the area that is broken is where the oil gets drawn into the oil pump. I'm assuming this is critical but not sure.

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    Immobilizer and 2 keys, ECU, Wiring harness, handle bar switches are sold. Crankshaft, supercharger, head pending. All other parts available. Body is black and red. Crankcase, cylinder one piston one rod are damaged. Include offer with parts that you are interested in.

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    Crank, head, s/c Sold.

    intercooler, gauge, pump assy, all body parts Complete hull (excellent shape) still available. Along with a lot of misc pieces/ hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckie View Post
    Crank, head, s/c Sold.

    intercooler, gauge, pump assy, all body parts Complete hull (excellent shape) still available. Along with a lot of misc pieces/ hardware.
    Hi I sent a message about complete hood, how much do you want for it and can I get pictures of it? Thanks, Charley

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