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    Lost a few RPM's ?

    I was runing 8100-8150 RPM with my 14/17 prop. I tried my 13/19 prop and my overall performance when down, 7400-7500 RPM.

    Here is my issue-I went back to my 14/17 prop and my RPM's where about 7900-8000. I could sqeak out 8100 on a long WOT run. I used to just punch WOT and the RPMs would be right there at 8100 now it takes a few a second or two. Its like the boat needs to gain some momentum.

    I also feel what i think is a slight surge at the high RPM area. About 7500 to WOT. Is it possible my SC washers are slipping alittle to much? You can hear the SC. I felt and i was told i should have been able to turn the 13/19 prop with my mods. I don't have any boost leaks- I checked the IC hoses and the OEM IC block off

    Any thoughts?

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    If I was running 8100 and 8150rpm on a 14/17r . I will not go to a larger prop . I would take my gps and keep re pitching till I get the correct setup. I would aim for 8000-8050 rpm. That is what I would do.

    You have tried a larger prop, it should have turned more rpm is what you have heard. Trust me you will hear a lot of things, stick to the facts you found out my friend.

    When you get 8250 -8300 this is the time to change to a new prop.

    The rev range you are on is almost the best for your setup.

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    8150 is all you will get out of a 05 so if you were at 8100 and every now and then you see 8150 you had the correct prop

    this prop thing is confusing me or there must be props out there that are not what they should be, I say this becuase of my current issue with a prop and if you check Rivas stage one kit for a RXT they recomend a 14/17R and basically the only thing this kit has that will increase the RPM`s is the air filter and you have ALOT more mods than a stage one and I installed a 14/17R on a RXT along with the air filter and my RPM`s went down to 7550 so I dont know I stay confussed on these things

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