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    Riva Free Flow exhaust

    I'm just curious how long it takes to install Riva's free flow exhaust kit on a 15F? I'm considering having a shop do it and dont wanna get screwed on install time for labor. Thanks.

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    on a 15f? it took me about 2 hours as the removal of the second water box is a pain in the ass.

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    Is it easy enough to do on your own? Any tips on removing the waterbox?

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    very easy to do just follow the instructions . i did it my self took to a welding shop $175 to get the box modified and all good easy to do

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    175 is steep for that water box mod. i decent tig welder should only have about half hour of prep,weld and leak testing. i did mine personally and it took about 15mins to cut it open,drill the hole tack it up and then another 10-15 to weld and leak test. to save some money if your mildly mechanically inclined is cut the box and drill yourself. if you do so make sure to make 2 alignment marks on the can prior to cutting so it goes back as it was for the best fitment and least chance of leaks.

    the exhaust itself is a pretty easy procedure. an easy saturday project. to me i see the shop raping you on labor charges.

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    i knew it was steep but i didnt want to have it welded by anybody. the first 2 shops refused to touch it so i went with what i could find .i knew the 2 hrs was high but if you want to play sometimes you just pay.

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    racingtrx450- How about I send you my water box and pay you to do that mod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeL123 View Post
    racingtrx450- How about I send you my water box and pay you to do that mod.
    Don't bother!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tube Master View Post
    Don't bother!


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    mike where are you located? for the cost to ship it to me ect would most likely be more then if you found a good shop. nows the time to do it most welding shops are looking for work and will do anything on the cheap. well up here at least as there main mean of income is snow plows in the winter and fall and buckets and dump bodies in the summer. the cheapest place and probably the best place would be a radiator repair shop. as they must leak test new cores ect they know the importance of quality and do it everyday. try some local shops

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