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    New guy on the block, question..

    First I'll say my wife and I fell in love with our first ski's, two SeaDoo XP705's. We finally gave them to my oldest stepson and his wife as we bought two Polaris ski's, year before last. They are a 97 SL-1050 and a 96 SLTX-1050, got a great price. Gotta love the additional HP. They both have been running great until the end of last year when the 96 SLTX started having the charging lite flash or stay on and it appears to be running off the battery. The second thing is that it will run great and 10 minutes later it will not go past an idle even with the throttle wide open?? It then dies, if we wait a short while it starts and runs great again, any ideas for these two problems? I'm willing to bring it to a shop but I'd like to have some knowledge before being sold something I may not need. TIA..

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    First I'd like to say WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

    I think I would tackle the charging issue first.
    Get a volt meter and see what you actually have charging to the battery, you can run the boat on the trailer for the quick test as it should only take a few seconds to verify the charging volts.
    Do you have roughly 14 volts??

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