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    fixing it myself

    Well the dealer finally pushed me to do it, and I still cant believe I am fixing my issues while the boat is still under warranty (and only 2 months old at that). They are now telling me it could be 2 months before I get it back, and upon further communication I do not feel they will even do anything beyond change the clutch washers and send me on my way, they acted as if they didnt know what I was talking about when referring to cleaning the oil pump screens and such. I guess I will never get a new battery tray or bilge pump from them either, sure is great having a 4 year warranty that is worth crap.

    Needless to say I already have the SC out and its missing only one washer as it appears, I will be pulling the front pump assembly off tomorrow and hopefully all the crud is caught in there since I didnt run it for to long. I will be getting the new washers and whatever else I need and can get from jerry and hopefully get this thing functional to ride this summer.

    One interesting thing to note, and I am not sure what this means or if anyone else has this on their boats, but I DO NOT have the torx bolts on my SC, they are 8mm bolts, though they do have a torx center, but they are not external torx like I have read about. They appear to have been factory installed but I could be wrong, I know I saw the dealer unwrap my boat so I cant imagine they had anything to do with it. I was actually pleased though as it made my life much easier, removing the SC was a snap, though I now hate myself even more for not changing the washers before this since it is so easy to remove.

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    that sucks your dealer wouldnt do more to work with you..

    My dealer is so awsome, im sure i could purchase the new metal washers and have them install them under warranty (thats how great they are)

    They let me install warrantied parts on my snowmoible all the time (they file a warranty claim and get labor from yamaha while i get to do the work myself)

    When it comes to this stuff a good dealer is everything..

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    Hmmmm if I removed my SC and sent it to Jerry to fit the washers and put it back on my own will that invalidate my warranty ?? If so I may ask my dealer to do it but i'm not sure on how good they are with this type issue

    Also James, when you removed the SC did you have to follow the instructions posted here to the letter or was it easier ??



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    Speedsterpimpin, Change dealer.

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    changing dealer isnt really an option, as far as I can tell there are only 2, and the other one is twice as far and would likely try to find some way to invalidate my warranty since I didnt buy the boat from him(I have heard from other boaters they are crooks). In my own dealers defense they seem to have legitimate excuses for not being able to help me in a timely manner, but of course that really doesnt help my situation much, it seems one of their mechanics is having some kind of family emergency and another one just up and quit leaving them with only one, and apparantly everyone wants their boats fixed right now as well. I understand their reasons but I am not willing to wait months while they sort things out, besides I am a fairly competent mechanic so I will just do it myself.

    the instructions for removing the supercharger are the same other than the bolts being different(at least on mine) you do still have to move the waterbox but it really isnt hard to do at all and I cant imagine how the dealer could invalidate your warranty for doing something like that, but in my case I dont think its going to matter much as about the only way my boat will ever see the dealer is if the engine is completely blown and I simply cant fix it myself. (knock on wood)

    I guess some of you guys have many dealers to choose from, especially when it comes to the jet skis, but for sport boats there are only 2 here. I even tried calling a couple of the local jet ski dealers but they were unwilling to cooperate saying they do not work on the boats at all. Had I bought a Sea-Doo jetski I would have about 10-15 dealers to choose from. I guess I should have done more research before buying but I didnt and now I am paying for it, literally.

    I am telling you guys though it is literally a piece of cake to remove that supercharger and change the washers, for the love of God save yourself the stress I am going through and do it before its too late!!

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    I took both of my chargers off Monday and I'm going to jerry shop this eening to have him put the steel washers in. I finally got nervous enough to take them off. Sorry to here about your problem but it did push me to fix mine before it broke.

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    Ahhhh, Sea Doo customer service.......

    ......sorry to hear of your grief. I would find another dealer and travel to them.
    2 Months for a boat just bought from them? Not an option. They are throwing you under the bus big time, when they should cut you in line and
    get you on the water, thier customer. Good Luck!

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    Man 2 month that is just plain CrAzy!!! I'm sure you will have a better result in the end fixing it yourself since you know they aren't going to do the thorough job. Not to High-Jack your thread but I kinda know what your going through becuase my dealer is 100 miles away and they want my boat for a month to have the spider cracks in my floor fixed. And get this they wanna take it to an autobody shop to have the work done. I would really rather have a fiberglass/Gelcoat guy do it that works on boats if you know what I meen. So I'm goona just pay out of my own pocket to have a local fiberglass shop here in town that does personal watercraft all the time. I'm going their tomorrow to get an estimate so I'll post it on my other thread. Goodluck with your repairs I'm sure you will get plenty of help from the guys that know all their stuff here. I just found out I can't even terminate my warrany early and get some money back. Thanks Alot BRP!

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    Well my extended warranty is worth exactly what I paid for it so far, which is nothing....

    anyways I have removed the front pump and believe I have found all of the missing washer, I dont know if its just the boats or if this is a new assembly but it doesnt look anything like what I was expecting when i took it apart, my assembly is completely different than anything I have seen in pictures thus far.

    I will attach some pictures, sorry for the crappy quality but my camera is a pos, anyways I have a picture of what I am hoping is the whole washer, and pictures of the worst of the damage to the pump which I am not altogether sure is bad enough to warrant replacement or not, hopefully others can chime in.

    the worst of the damage is to the plate which holds the pump in and really doesnt look THAT bad on close inspection but what do I know. Also I will include a picture of the housing with the screen in it to show the difference in configuration I am talking about.
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    did a quick lookup on parts and came up with this for replacement, doesnt look to bad, wonder if the dealer will get them for me at no charge under warranty LOL

    420837543 PUMP SHAFT ASSY $38.79
    420956675 OUTER ROTOR 16MM $21.99
    420811850 OIL PUMP COVER $18.79

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