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    2007 Seadoo RXP problem

    hello im new to this site and i just purchased a 2007 rxp yesterday. today after my ride i came home and was about to drive the ski up on my ez-dock when i noticed the machine seemed strange. so i turned around and i gave it gas and the ski did not accelerate, if i went half throttle it would just vibrate. when the ski is idle it goes fine and at the right speed, when i hit the throttle it doesnt move any faster and feels restricted. i dont know what the problem is, i lifted it in the air to see if there is anything stuck inside and it looks perfectly clear. anyone have any idea what the problem may be. this is bullsh1t my ski only has 5 hours... besides this mishap i love it

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    sounds like something is stuck in the pump to me

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    how do i check the pump

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    You either sucked up a rock or a stick and it's stuck between your impeller and the wear ring. Look thru the back of the pump and thru the intake grate under the hull with a flashlight and look closely to see if anything is wedged in between there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mustbenu View Post
    how do i check the pump
    follow the "removing the pump" how to. My guess is you have something in there. Its a good place to start

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    First with a drop light from intake grate looking into the impeller.

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    search for threads started by Coleybear. She was having the exact same problems.

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    My RXT did the same thing. It had a rock stuck in the impeller. It's easy to suck one up in shallow water especially when trying to get up onto a hydro-slip (ez-dock, whatever) that happens to be in a shallow spot. Mine eventually spit the rock out while just idling but the wear ring got a gouge in it. After you get the rock out, you'll want to flip over the wear ring or replace it.

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    Rxp 2007

    Just bought a brand new Rxp 2007 and the alram keeps going off for exhaust... how do i fix this problem

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    Had da same shit happen to me a few months ago.Had a lens from a pair of glasses stuck in the pump.I could see it from the intake grate..Had to remove the grate to get it out!

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