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    vf3 installation notes

    Here are some notes related to my vf3 installation.
    I trimmed/matched the white stuffers to the reed valve plate.
    Doing so made the stuffers very fragile to the extent that one broke in my hand while testing it's strength. Into the garbage can they went.
    I used a little grease on the gaskets to hold them in place so I could line up the bolts correctly which worked out quite well. I was then admiring my work and thinking how I will be back on the water soon.... Unfortunately the leak down test proved me wrong. I had leaks from two corners so I will now have to rip it back apart and use some gasket sealer. I strongly suggest a leak down test after installing the vf3 setup, otherwise you may have a short ride...
    Another weekend without a running boat. This is getting frustrating as I have no time to turn wrenches

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    You guys are scaring the sh!t out of me with all this v3 reed talk.
    I did not do a pressure test on mine after I installed them. I put very little grease to hold the gaskets in place as well.
    I have put about 4 hours on mine since installation. Am I riding a time bomb and how easy, or hard, would it be to go back in and pressure test my motor?

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    Yea make sure you get the gasketsin right and coat then with the copper gasket stuff. No problem here!

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