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    Pluto, who even gives a damn?????

    After much local protest, NASA will send a 700 million dollar, plutonium-powered Atlas 5 towards Pluto today. However, Space Coast Residents have nothing to fear, as Florida Today Headlines state, "NASA ready for the worst". Worst= 1 in 350 chance of a failure just after liftoff resulting in a widespread release of plutonium. If the rocket explodes before or during launch, Brevard County residents should:"Go inside a house, car or other building. Close doors, windows and fireplaces. Turn off airconditioning. Bring pets inside. Do not go to your child's school. Schools know to bring children inside. Monitor, TV and radio for updates." A little un-nerving to say the least! Maybe today would be a good day to take a drive in the opposite direction of Cape Canaveral?
    Launch window 1:24p.m.-3:23p.m., keep your fingers crossed

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    thats stupid. My sister lives near there, makes me a bit worried.

    Kinda cool that we can send something to pluto tho

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    What bugs me is that the New Stage 5 Atlas Rocket that will be used to shoot the radioactive satellite into space has NEVER flown before. It's only test was a failure !! Yet they will risk death and injury to hundreds of thousands of Floridians in another "test". Where do they get the "odds" of failure from? Some politican who was "paid off" to approve the launch ?? So far weather conditions have scrubbed the launch yesterday and today. Now it is postphoned until tomorrow. Yesterday the winds were higher than the maxium the rocket could take and one of the tracking stations was out of commission, yet they kept on postponing the launch until the last second when it was finally scrubbed. Hearing the Rocket Scientists talk on TV should make any normal person afraid...very afraid. These guys are nerds and jerks !!!!!

    Why fear foreign terrorists...the domestic ones are the ones putting us in the most danger !!!!


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    Well, you all can breath easier now. It went off this afternoon without a hitch.

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