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    95 650 Porpoisng issues

    I'm new to this forum and just bought a used 95 650 2 seater. Man this thing nose dives and handles minor waves really bad when trying to get any speed out of it. I have an R&D ride plate on the Polaris but i'm not sure if it's a long or short one. Is the Ocean Pro plate really that much better? I really like the way the Polaris runs but don't want to sink a ton of cash in a ski worth less than a G. I've been doing some reading on this forum and am wondering where can I get a "wedge"? Or am i better off just taking off the exsisting wedge. Can the wedge mod be done by an average weekenf wrench? Any help is greatly apprecaited!

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    Adding trim really helps. Can be done without a lot work and it will cost less than a new OP plate.

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    Wedges are pretty expensive NEW, almost $70. Post a wanted to buy in the classifieds and see if one will come to you. Don't go any higher than a 4*. An average Joe can install it easily, you do not have on to remove, unless someone already added one. You will need 2 longer pump bolts to add it. I would look into the OP ride plate FIRST and a R&D intake grate. They make alot of diffrence in handling choppy water. Then maybe the wedge if you need more. Keep in mind these are not good rough water hulls, but you can improve it's handling a little. Any parts you remove can be sold and put towards your new part's price. FYI

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