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Thread: SX192 60 mph

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    SX192 60 mph

    Mod list for 60 mph 192.

    Dean's Tune
    ET Low Boost
    Type 14 intercooler (dedicated line)
    Ribbon delete
    Riva 160 wear ring
    Solas YV-CD 13/17 (pitched by dean)
    Lucky 13
    Shim ride plate
    Adjustable trim
    Dean's extended nozzle

    The stock impeller also works really good with a little pitch added to the trailing edge

    62.86 mph @ 8550 rpm

    The 195 (SVHO) boats should be a little faster than this with just a Tune, Intercooler and maybe play with impeller pitch.
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    How does it fill? Is it a fun boat. Accellerate hard? Pretty dam fast. Heck faster than all the twin engine boats (jet boats) Also you could add rpm and gain a tad more. Heck turn 8500!

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    It's fast out of the hole. Much faster than any prop boat I've been on. Pulls hard to 56 mph then slowly to 59-60. Runs 59 mph with full fuel, 3 people and all gear for a day on the water.

    I ran a Stingray 225SX and had him by 1-2 mph top end.

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    If you don't mind me asking what did all this run you. I am looking to do the same to my 2013 AR192. I just put in the SVHO and going to test it this weekend. I am new to this Jetboat scene and if you don't mind advising me on the parts list. I dont know what for skies or Boats. Like the Ride plate which one and what stage tune did u get.

    thank you

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    Updated original post with new top speed. I added water methanol injection, 4" thru hull exhaust, adjustable trim, 3 degree venturi, Dean's extended steering nozzle and had Dean pitch the impeller. Now at 8500 rpm and 61.5 mph. That's with full fuel (30 gallons) and water was glass. Low fuel and some choppy water will be good for a little more.

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    I need a couple pieces of advise from you in regards to these boats, we have a '17 AR195 and operate it at 4000' elevation......everything is stock currently. Here are my questions;
    a) Lucky 13 cone work to reduce cavitation out of the hole for skiing, if so what do you recommend on the "shim" color?
    b) Ride reverse bucket...where do you get these from??
    c) I would like to change the air intake to it appears one from FIZZLE, but have mailed them several times with no response.
    I am not looking to crazy with the boat, make it perform alittle better and be user friendly for multiple drivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WORKLATER View Post
    c) I would like to change the air intake to it appears one from FIZZLE, but have mailed them several times with no response.
    Where have you tried to contact through?

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    The Fizzle intercooler will really wake that boat up. The Lucky 13 cone will help cavitation, but you will have to play with spacers and impeller pitch to get it dialed in. What is your max sustained rpm and speed at that elevation?

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    send email to website, is there a contact phone number ?? I didn't see one listed to talk live to you??
    If you could provide that would be great!

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    Currently it's a slug....I have tried to work with Yamaha to get the boat to turn their spec. rpm's at 4000' which I am hoping to get it to turn the 7400rpm.
    currently we are only getting 6200rpm on launch then it climbs to 6600 and levels off and speed is 43mph......yuck. I am thinking I can hopefully end up once I am done with Yamaha to get it to 51mph and 7400rpm with them covering the cost on impeller re-pitch. Once I get this then I would like to add the other items I listed.
    Thanks for the insight !!

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