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    Flywheel removal

    I'm in the process of pulling my engine apart and hit a snag; I can't figure out how to pull the flywheel. I was able to get the nut off but that's it. What's the secret to getting it off?

    BTW, it's on a 750.

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    There is a picture of a bolt grip puller. It works really well. You should be able to pick up one at any auto parts store, or sears. I used a snapon on as I used to be an auto mechanic. But you will need one set up for a three bolt puller, and not a two bolt.

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    thats what I was looking for. Thanks for the help

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    Both Murray's and Autozone carry them. Depending on the store and who you're talking to it's called a universale harmonic balancer puller, or a chrysler harmonic balancer puller. $14. I use mine on all my toys.


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    Is there a trick to getting this flywheel off?

    I have my anchor bolts in all the way and keep cranking on the threaded rod and the flywheel just isn't moving. I started bending the damn washers!

    What am I missing/doing wrong?!

    Here are some pictures to illustrate.
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    Back your bolts out a touch. You can damage the stator if they bottom out. It is VERY strong (red loctite from thje factory) but keep cranking. Maybe put another washer on each bolt. Some guys like to smack the bolt with a hammer. Sometimes that'll crack it free. When she "pops" you'll think you broke something.

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    It is hard to tell in the picture, but dost the puller have a cone at the end of it where the tool meets the crank? I also use some kind of pentrant oil. I cote the threads of the tool, the cone at the end and spray around the flywheel.


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    The puller MUST be straight, or it will put a side load on the flywheel. They are usually next to impossible to remove without a good Air impact, hand tools don't provide the necessary torque. If you don't have a good storng impact, haul the ski to a tire store and slip them some $$ to rattle it off..

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    I can't get this freakin' thing off!!!!

    I doubled up on washers and was getting a enough torque to start cracking the cone that sits in the middle of the crank and started bending the double washers.

    WHAT GIVES?!?!?!??!?!

    Am I missing bolts somewhere that is preventing the flywheel from coming off? I am out of ideas.

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    I use like 3/16" steel bar for my washers and have bent them too, just a little though. I also use grade 12 bolts. Many hardware stores carry them.

    I'm not familiar with jet skis as am and rebuilding my first one now but have done about 20 snowmobile rebuilds over the last couple years. I have also used a propane torch around the center of the flywheel to aid in the process, and no I've never melted the stator, or had issues with the flywheel after. Only for the really tough ones. Probably not the best thing to do, but it works for me.
    They can be stubborn. Air Impact wrench, hit with hammer, repeat. It will come off...eventually.


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