Hey guys, I've been searching all day on here trying to find similar problems to this '05 GTX-SC I just finished up. I installed a Spearco external IC, Tial BOV, and custom rear-exit exhaust on a customer's ski and got a call 2 min into the first ride. Ski stalled out in the middle of the water and didn't want to restart. I assumed it was an ecu re-learning issue as I had the battery unhooked during the time I had the ski in the shop. Customer finally got it restarted and it was acting funny, took a while for throttle response to return and didn't want to run well until warmed up. After warmed up and running decently, he made a few full throttle runs and noticed it would hit a limiter once he got into high rpms. He said it would fall back to ~60mph, run back up to 70, then fall back again. This is a random thing that only occurs ~50% of the time, sometimes he can go WOT for 30 seconds @ 72/73mph and everything is good. It sounds to me like a form of boost cut, but as far as I can tell, there isn't any type of boost cut built into sea-doo ecu's. I can't imagine he's running into the rev limiter with these limited mods...?
At the very least, the customer is extremely happy with the gains when it's not acting up. Just would like some input on what could be causing these problems.
Oh, no trouble codes have popped up - haha that would make things too easy

Thanks in advance,