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    Fin (or find it now) you can set up a geo fence and if the ski moves outside that area it will send you a text. Check it out the initial expense is about 500 or so and the yearly is about $69. well worth it for peace of mind.

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    Can you put up camera surveillance along with the other measures.

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    Hey, y’all!

    pops, we’re in Western NC and the problems really are less than a finite % of the general population here which are some of the best humans you’ll ever meet. A primary problem is one particular “family” (if you can call them that) — seems like they start teaching each other how to steal as soon as they’re outta diapers. Beyond that, a couple meth heads who it would appear are intent on going back to jail every time they get out (which with today’s courts is too often).

    Dust, yeah, surveillance cameras are a plus but, EVERYONEaround here hunts and the few ne’er do wells are always looking and regardless whether they see them or not they all wear hoodies pulled over baseball caps (no positive id, no arrest)

    bottom line is, they’re a blemish on anyone who considers themselves country so, best I can do is try “to target harden” my sled enough that they’ll whisper to each other (or, themselves), “F_c_ it, let’s move on to the desk dock ...

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    Thanx Thor.

    There's always one group of low lives that ruin it for everyone.

    Wife and I are looking to the Inner Banks / Moyock area of N.E. NC to settle down and retire. Sell the houses in MA and NY and live pretty well down there. Gotta get out of fricking NY.

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    Old school traps! Bear claw, snare lines, electric fence style wire wrapped around the grips, set up an air horn if someone sits on the seat.... hahahal

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    Some of my buddies use something like this: for their dirt bikes.

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    Hey Thor, maybe you need to get a wifi booster at the dock so that the signal will reach to where your base is, then have the motion detection light (bright as hell!) and have a camera system like Ring, or similar, that allows you to not only see the scum bags but to speak to them as well. You just let them know that you see them, that you've called the sheriff and that they are in route, and that you'll be there personally to greet them (the scum bags) in a minute as soon as your 12 gauge is loaded! Speak loudly and carry a big gun, lol.

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    Dang, a WiFi booster - I didn’t think of that; THIS I gotta look into!!!!

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