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    Wave Venture 700 Carb Rebuild Kit

    I just recently acquired a wave venture 700 and was wondering what the best rebuild kit would be. I do not want to spend a whole lot of money but ive seen several different looking kits on ebay that all say they fit a 700 wave venture. I posted links but if you know any better ones, feel free to post them.

    My main gaskets are in good condition I am mostly worried about the internal diaphragms and such being the correct ones.

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    I would not buy either one of those. A lot of people on here have been down the carb rebuild process with aftermarket kits and they generally donít work at all or donít last more then a few rides. Get the correct kit from Mikuni.

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    I also saw a lot of cheaper no name brands on amazon or ebay. I have been thinking the same thing about going w genuine mikuni or not. thanks for the advise

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