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    Docking Solutions. Got Plans or Pictures?

    Does anyone have plans for building a dual jet ski dock. We have a 50ft running along the property that I could maybe build something into. Eventual we will build a second peer perpendicular going out. We currently have a 20' party barge docked and occasionally a ski boat both parked in front the dock. A better option would probably be the space in front the lot next door. I could build something that floats or rests half way on the water. I've seen the Hydro hoist, Jet dock, EZ dock types. The all look real nice but I'm not going to spend the $800+ dollars for one at this time. I'm thinking some type of frame with some carpeted beams that extend into the water may work. Does anyone have any pictures, plans, or ideas. This dock I saw on ebay has given me some ideas but it would take up to much space for the other boats.


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    I guess everyone uses the floating type that you purchase.?

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