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    Question 1997 challenger help


    I have a 1997 Sea Doo Challenger with twin 800ís, the port motor surges 1000rpm when I get above 5000 rpm. Could this be caused by excessive clearance around the bottom plate of the Rave valves??

    Secondly lately Iím having problems with the DSS key.
    Is or does 1997 challengers have a programmable key?
    Sometimes the engines crank right away and sometimes you cannot them to role over.
    Is there any known way to bypass this system? Could I install a Yamaha style kill switch and key switches?

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    Surge and other issues

    Rave valve clearances and condition can effect rpm. Much more likely but
    not limited too, a fuel restriction would cause what you describe. I would
    rebuild and ajust carbs, clean and or update rave valves. This is a 10 year old
    boat. All systems should be gone through.
    The dss thing could be as simple as a bad connection to a toasted MPEM.
    It is very common for the dss post to wear, causing what you describe.
    The only way to bypass the MPEM on your boat is not doo-able. The brain
    controls the advance on the ignition timing, among other things. Loose the brain and you would
    have to go to an after market igniton, for Each engine. That would be expensive. Best to check out what you have. Really important to have solid
    grounds for battery, engine, starter, etc.
    Good Luck!

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