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    Do you have any parts that would go to a Genesis 1200

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    Well shit, I wasn't getting e-mail notifications for posts to this thread or PMs.

    A lot of stuff has been moving on ebay but still have plenty left.

    Last carb set sold for $330+shipping on ebay. I'll sell them here for $300 + shipping if you paypal as a gift or you pay the paypal fee. Shipping runs about $12-15. These are brand new carb racks. Not many of these left out there.

    Also tore down the Virage TXi last week and all parts are currently available. I plan to double check compression on the engine before I sell it but I suspect it'll be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1999genesis View Post
    I need an exhaust coupler for a 99 genesis 1200. I think it is 2” x 5”
    .. also a reverse cable... what do you have? See photo. Reverse cable and exhaust coupler is in the same photo.. thanks
    If it crosses with one on the Virage I would have it. Doubt I have it from a Genesis....though I did part one out several years ago and may have saved the rubber. I'll double check.

    Quote Originally Posted by rroobb View Post
    What parts do you have for a SL 1050 (PLE 16031A797).
    What do you need?

    Quote Originally Posted by Byrdman View Post
    Do you have any parts that would go to a Genesis 1200
    Very few outside of interchangeable stuff from other 1200s.

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    Do you still have 2 working: Polaris / OEM Part Number: 3280252 / Part: GAUGE,MULTI-FUNCTION.?? Please let me know.

    Thank You Very Much!!!

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    I'm looking for a MFD for a 99 SLX

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    Hi, I am looking for an MFD for a 2000 1200 SLX. Will you post to New Zealand?
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    Any new carbs left for a 1200? If so Ill take one!

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    Looking for a MFD for a 96 SLT 780.

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    Do you have a working MFD that would work for a 1999 polaris slx 1050?

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    Do you have a flywheel for a 1999 Polaris Genesis?

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