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    Spark has no spark. No power, no lights, no beeps, no display. Good Battery.

    Started my spark on the dock last month without difficulty and charged the battery. Yesterday I put the key on touch the red button once to check the fuel display lights up. I put it in water and I have nothing. No beep nothing with light up etc. I pull it out and troubleshoot.

    All fuses good, battery is good, main harness has no corrosion and is dry, has power going to main fues block all circuits powered except ACC.

    Pulled start switch to check if its working looks good and has good continuity when pressed.

    Also bridged the starter solenoid and motor turned over fine so battery and ground seem to be good.

    Is there some main fuse somewhere I am missing? I will be pulling it out and splitting the hull next week to investigate unless someone can come up with whats missing in this electrical link.

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    Was the 30amp relay. Part #278002822

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    Glad you figured it out! That would have been my second guess.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ucf_motorcycle View Post
    Was the 30amp relay. Part #278002822

    So when you were experiencing problems, would the led screen come on? I"m having a problem where I am riding it and then all of a sudden it dies and there is no power at all. No lights, no beeps, no clicks, nothing. Then after like 10-15 minutes it'll start back up. Relay seems to be a common issue but everyone seems to have some sort of power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ucf_motorcycle View Post
    Was the 30amp relay. Part #278002822
    REAL glad you got (and kudos to you for working) through it!

    And, thanks for including that Part # (priceless info!)

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    I had the same problem with my Seadoo Spark, no display, no beeps, nothing. Turned out to be the relay as well, dirty pins. I took the relay out, cleaned the pins with fine grained sandpaper and placed the relay firmly back in position. Ski works as normal now.

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    Good to hear this is easy to fix. Kudos for the part number.

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