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    07 rxt or 07 GTI WAKE ???

    I am running a 04 rxp and I am looking into either a 07 Red/ BLK/White rxt or the 215 07 Wake edition GTI.
    I love the 07 Rxt colour scheme more than the Wake edition!
    They are both the same price here, if I go for 07 Rxt in Red/BLK/White colour scheme, I will need to retro fit the wake tower and the two wake board storage hangars.How much will these items roughly cost?
    Any mechanical differences between the 2 three seaters?
    I ain't very into wake boarding myself, but having the ability/kits on my ski to tow someone around would be nice (I think)
    Does anyone here ever tow any toys with their ski???
    Anyone actually retro fit the oem wake tower and wake boarding with it???
    Is donning the wake board at the back of the 3 seaters very difficult such that I might forget doing wake boarding with a jetski and get a wake boat to do a proper job???
    I mostly do ocean rides and 95% of the time the condition are rough.
    After 8 months fun on my 04 RXP, I start to wonder will I be more comfortable on a 3 seaters!
    I love the performance of my RXP but it just becomes so unstable in the waves/rough conditions that I start to look for a better ride for my next ski.
    Apart from very sharp turns handling and wave jumpings (thats where most fun are for RXP, me think) what handling/performance should I expect from those 3 seaters RXT/GTI Wake version???
    I also much prefer the extra storage ability of the 3 seaters as I can easily store some skin diving/spear fishing kit (for 2 persons)
    Any help/suggestions will be useful!!!
    PS, Should I hold out and wait for 08 seadoo???
    PPS, I am being offered a reasonable price for my 04 RXP as one of my friend want to upgrade to SC 215 level from a XP.
    Very tough choice for me!!!
    My dealer has all 07 SC seadoo models in stock right now !!!
    I need to make up my mind asap though

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    I added the pylon seperately on my ski....I pull tubes all the time.. no problems... cost including part/labor was prob around $325...

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    Using the RXT for wakeboarding is good for teaching people how to get up and stuff. However, if you do any serious wakeboarding and tricks it isnt much fun because the wake is so small. It does do a great job pulling tubes though and you can get that tube hauling arse!

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    don't you mean GTX WAKE, not GTI?

    GTX Wake comes in 155 and 215 set....the 215 is the rocket, its basically a RXT with a ski pylon and differnt hull...

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