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    The ultimate bunk boards???

    Does anyone use these? I kind of want to try them so I never have to replace bunks again. But the site says the 2x4 version is only for brackets 48’ or less apart. My trailer brackets are 52’ ish. So therefor I’d have to go with the 2x6 option. Has anyone used 2x6 bunks on your jetski trailer or heard of it? Pros? Cons? Mine is a 05 rxp btw.
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    Supreme Ultimate Bunk Boards have all the benefits of our original Ultimate Bunk Boards, and are intended for use with larger sized boats and trailers. Supreme boards include heavy-duty screw mounted aluminum rails that give extra support for larger, heavier boats. These boards are ideal if the span distance between mounting points for 2x4 sized boards exceeds 48 inches...
    These meet your requirement for span distance?

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    Being that this thread is posted in a non-manufacturer specific sub-forum, I just wanted to caution potential Yamaha owners that these types of composite (plastic) boards may serve to be too abrasive, as Yamaha's only coating is clearcoat. The OP should be fine, as the RXP has gelcoat on the underbelly.

    That said, Yamaha owners can still opt utilize these composite boards by simply adding a layer of marine carpet to them.

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    I've got one trailer with this type of material (recycled plastic). It's slippery and doesn't rot, my only real complaint is that it expands and contracts a lot with temperature changes. It is quite flexible and will conform to the shape of your boat.

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    Standard composite construction lumber, like that used on decks. Does flex way easier than wooden lumber.

    I imagine a couple of strips of "Trex" or "Lumber Tech" deck boards would do the same thing. The Lumber Tech seems a bit stiffer than the others. Could even double them up for the stiffness needed.

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