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    Help me again please!!!

    Ok so I took my Polaris 750 out for the weekend and it ran great besides the display not working. I was the one who had the Fuse relocated outside the box with a five amp in it. I was told to replace the fuse with a 1/4 amp fuse which I did but the fuse blew. Then yesterday or monday I had the jetski out for one more time and decided to hang out at the sand bar with some buddies. When I got back on it to take it back to the house it would not start. Nothing would happen. It sounds like some kind of short somewhere. I know there is a reset buttton on the box and tried that and did not work (I don't know if the reset button is working properly because when I press it I feel nothing or hear anything). Check the batter connection and battery and all seem fine. Any ideas?

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    Dead battery? Loose ground somewhere? Rock stuck in impeller? Frozen starter or gear reduction? Hydrolocked engine? Seized engine? Probably and hopefully one of the first two. You said that you did check the circuit breaker on top of the electric box so I didn't mention that.

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    Sounds like you have an electrical issue if someone relocated the fuse outside the box and used a 5 amp. Check all connections for a solid contact. Scrape paint off the engine bed for the ground if need be. You need to find why that 1/4 amp is popping, maybe bilge pump is getting overlaoded?

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